Atemi Ryu Fayetteville

Atemi Ryu JuJitsu of Fayetteville North Carolina Was Established in November 2013 by 6th Degree Shihan Anthony Bain, at the time 3rd Degree.  With a handful of students from a previous location he decided to make his mark on the martial arts industry and expand the branch of Atemi Ryu Jujitsu.

What makes Atemi-Ryu Ju-Jitsu different is threefold.

First, the system is designed for a shorter learning curve. It gives the practitioner less time before they should be able to actively defend themselves. It concentrates on the practical aspects of martial arts that lend themselves to self-defense.

This leads to the second way it is different.
It is a flexible system. The system itself is a modern system that is still growing, and as such is capable of change. The traditional aspects of martial arts are still present and honored as such, but Atemi ryu Jujutsu is not locked into them.

The third aspect that is different is the instructors. Doctor Chenique has imbued his instructors with the unusual ability to think about situations in innovative ways. They can apply techniques they already know in new situations, or in new applications. All of this combines to create a system.